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Travel to Ukraine with Sputnik Kiev

Daily travel industry works on creation of someone's WOW, makes someone's dreams come true, like producing Happiness.

Pleasure, relaxation, discovery and exploration,getting to know other cultures,taking personal time for building interpersonal relationships - these are main reasons for people to travel around the world, this is what they expect from traveling.

SPUTNIK KIEV creates an important link between Ukrainian travel product and travel companies worldwide. Our main goal is promotion of Ukraine as destination.

Choosing hosting company you choose not only the way Ukraine meets you, but also how you meet our country, your first impression.

Our company is a group of people who love what they do, who obviously find Ukraine as one of the most beautiful and perspective destination for leisure and business traveling.

England, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Italy, France, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Egypt, India, UAE, Australia are not full list of countries we cooperate with.

Annual participation in world's biggest travel markets, active promotion of our country, more than 100 FAM/Info trips for travel agencies, journalists, photographers from all over the world, over 20 unique routes around Ukraine - this Is our Company.

Cooperation with SPUTNIK KIEV is a key to your success with destination Ukraine.

Event calendar

Ukrainian Fashion Week
Molodist International Film Festival

Currency rates

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1 usd 25.75 uah

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